Expression of interest

There is a small but regular demand for minor citrus varieties and not all of these are available as clean budwood from health-tested sources. Auscitrus has partnered with Citrus Australia and NSW DPI, with funding through a Hort Innovation grower levy funded project, to identify niche varieties in demand and where possible make them available to the Australian public.

If the variety you are looking for is not available via the Auscitrus order form you can submit a request for a variety using the below button.


An expert panel will assess the variety request and allocate it a priority amongst all the other requests we receive.  If we consider it a worthwhile introduction, we will attempt to source it either in Australia or from overseas, then either test/clean the variety or import it through Australian Quarantine.

These varieties may already be in Australia in either the Citrus Foundation Repository  or the NSW DPI Arboretum

Note that funding is limited so we can only introduce a limited number of varieties.  The process to clean up or import a citrus variety can take over two years.  If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list you will be informed of any progress in this project, including variety releases.

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